Fridays on the Fly: 5 Tips for Warm Weather Fly Fishing

Friday instant: 5 tips for flying fishing and fishing in warm weather

  If you have not subscribed to the ORVIS FLY FISHING Guide podcast of Tom Rosenbauer, then time is time. Rosenbauer is a well -known flying fishing writer, the marketing director of Orvis Rod and Tackle, and his experience and knowledge of the encyclopedia of sports methods. Rosenbauer provided some key techniques for fishing in warm weather among the recent podcasts. Here are some techniques mentioned by Tom. Listen to the complete episode here and listen to the list.

  1. Thinking small and tall.

  High -altitude small mountain streams flow. That is where mercury starts to rise. Although these fisheries usually need more efforts to locate and contact, it is worth doing this. Takayama Creek flows much more cool than the large river in the trough. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees or more, catfish often close.

  2. Take out drying.

  The activities of underground insects are often in trouble in the one -month August, so the box is placed in the box and left some nymphs in the home.

  6544909609_cc48023F86_B3. Punmo earlier.

  When the date is resting, it is always amazing to board the stream on the stream, and it is becoming more and more important in August. This is the lowest point of the water temperature at the day, creating a more enthusiastic hospitable feeding environment for the catfish you are looking for. As Rosebauer said in the above podcasts, fishing in the morning can take the sun for a few hours than fishing at night.

  3. Focus on the fast beach and other parts of the water that moves quickly.

  In warm summer, catfish prefers fast flowing water, there are several reasons. On the one hand, the rapid water covers the vision of potential predators such as fish eagles and herons. The shallow beach also produces more foods than static water, bringing land and aquatic insects directly into the fish, so they do not have to spend precious energy to find it.26981143953_40e9c5267e_k4. Pay attention to water temperature.

  Carry the water thermometer and regularly check the creek temperature. When the water temperature starts to approach and exceed 70 degrees, it is called one day or goes to the colder water. Due to the decrease in oxygen levels at these temperatures, the activity of catfish is low and often becomes extremely fragile. If you are really linked, the possibility of this fish will not survive.

  5. Use ants and beetles to store boxes.

  Rosenbauer believes that in summer, these flies are used as fatal secret weapons. These are insects used to see the whole year, so they usually eat without hesitation when they appear properly. Different from some popular land that is so popular in summer, such as grass buckets and Chel Nobelbubis, ants and beetles are delicate, and no curious catfish promises are needed. If you are fishing, then a large land will consider tie the ant or beetle dropper.

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